middle Sapphir
  • In a practical metal box
  • Firm consistency
  • Not sticky
  • Does not discolour on hands
  • odorless
  • Does not dry out
  • BPA-free
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    Kategorie: Small Tins

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    middle Sapphir

    Middle sapphire

    The little sapphire wants to be taken out of the can!

    Sapphire - the decorative clay from the tin.

    The intense blue is accompanied by fine glitter particles. Here can be kneaded elegantly and in style.

    It has all basic properties:

    • It stretches like chewing gum
    • She jumps like a ball
    • It melts like mush
    • It can be torn like paper

    Versandgewicht: 0,06 Kg
    Artikelgewicht: 0,04 Kg
    Abmessungen ( Länge × Breite × Höhe ): 7,50 × 7,50 × 2,30 cm
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