• In a practical metal box
  • shimmers depending on the light
  • Not sticky
  • Does not discolour on hands
  • odorless
  • Does not dry out
  • BPA-free

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Kategorie: Super-Flip-Flop

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Super Scarab - the classic

This clay is and remains one of the most popular putty.
And rightly so, as we find.

Depending on the angle of view, this fascinating plasticine shimmers in a wide variety of colors. Before your eyes, the blue suddenly turns purple, pink or black.
If you break or tear the putty, it is black inside, but a light touch of the black spot is enough and it starts shimmering again in countless colors.

Of course, this clay has all the basic features:

  • It stretches like chewing gum
  • It jumps like a ball
  • It melts like mush
  • It can be torn like paper


Versandgewicht: 0,13 Kg
Artikelgewicht: 0,08 Kg
Inhalt: 80,00 g
Abmessungen ( Länge × Breite × Höhe ): 10,30 × 10,30 × 3,20 cm
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