Glacier Ice
  • In a practical metal box
  • Firm consistency
  • Not sticky
  • Does not discolour on hands
  • odorless
  • Does not dry out
  • BPA-free


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Glacier Ice

Glacier Ice

Glacier Ice combines two of the most popular features of Smart Putty.
On the one hand it changes the color by heat when kneading, and it glows blue in the dark.

True to her name, her colors and effects are also chosen.
Glacier ice is light blue when you open the can and turns greenish white when warm.
If you switch off the light, the Smart Dough starts to glow blue.
Let glacier ice lie briefly and it will turn back into its original color.

Of course, this "special" putty has all the basic features:

  • Firm consistency
  • It stretches like chewing gum
  • It jumps like a ball
  • It can be torn like paper
  • It splinters like porcelain

Versandgewicht: 0,13 Kg
Artikelgewicht: 0,08 Kg
Inhalt: 80,00 g
Abmessungen ( Länge × Breite × Höhe ): 10,30 × 10,30 × 3,20 cm
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