Crystal Clear
  • In praktischer Metalldose
  • Durchsichtiges Design
  • Zerfließt beim Liegenlassen
  • Dehnt sich wie Kaugummi
  • Färbt nicht auf die Hände ab
  • Geruchsneutral
  • Trocknet nicht aus
  • BPA-frei


Artikelnummer: EN111010

Kategorie: Transparent

EAN: 8594164764905

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Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear

A touch of nothing?

This creates the first impression when you open the can.

The Crystal Clear does not have all the typical features of the Intelli Mass, but it impresses with the cool effect of being almost invisible in the can!

To keep the effect as long as possible, keep the mass away from dust and dirt.

When kneading, it becomes slightly milky, if you leave it, it will be clear again. Even air bubbles created by kneading disappear over time as if by magic.

Versandgewicht: 0,13 Kg
Artikelgewicht: 0,08 Kg
Inhalt: 80,00 g
Abmessungen ( Länge × Breite × Höhe ): 10,30 × 10,30 × 3,20 cm
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